How it Works

Beyond Med is a membership program that elevates your health and well-being by providing access to a proprietary network of board-certified doctors and licensed providers at reduced rates of up to 20% off on elective and cosmetic services.

The program pays for itself, as members and their families may receive reduced rates on limitless services.

Using Beyond Med’s Platform is Easy! Simply…

1. Enroll

Our enrollment process is quick and easy. Speak with your local benefits administrator.

2. Select Any Applicable Providers

After receiving your Beyond Med ID card, head over to our Find a Provider page and search among our certified and licensed provider network. You can search by name, their specialty or by location.

3. Enjoy Your Service!

You can either contact our member services department to schedule an appointment or call your chosen provider yourself! Don’t forget to bring your member ID card to your appointment. you will receive up to 20% off  your desired service right at the provider’s office – it’s really that easy!