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HairClub Founded in 1976, HairClub is North America’s number one provider of hair regrowth, replacement, and restoration solutions. For over 40 years, HairClub has helped 600,000+ people regrow, replace, or restore hair that they love. HairClub has over 120 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tokyo-based Aderans Co. Ltd., the world’s leading provider of total hair loss solutions.

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nama is a hemp (CBD) infused vegan edibles company with a keen focus on natural, better for you, ingredients.  Designed for specific times of the day and offered in varying strengths so you can be the best you.

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Ro Sperm Kit

A trusted, easy, and fast way to test and store your sperm. Testing and storing sperm is a way for individuals to engage with their fertility, which can be beneficial to their family planning journey.

1) Order Your Kit – The Ro Sperm kit is delivered to you, so you can collect your sperm from the comfort of your home. After collection, drop off your kit at any UPS location for free overnight shipping back to the lab.

2) Get Your Analysis –  Within 48 hours of arrival at the lab, a lab technician examines your sample. You will be emailed a personalized semen analysis report that includes sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm concentration.

3) Store Your Sperm – Viable samples are cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen tanks. Your kit includes 1 year of free storage.

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