Why Beyond Med

We are paving the path for a more accessible health and wellness journey. Not only do we empower our members to feel like their best selves, but we also give them the tools to help them get there. We provide a more cost-effective means to elective services. And whether you want them or need them, you get the option to have options. Our bodies are our most important investments, and we’re committed to putting more of the power into your hands.

Beyond Med

For Our Members

We want to allow you to take more control of your health and help you invest in yourself.

With Beyond Med, elective services that were once cost-prohibitive are now cost-attainable. Plus, there are no limits to benefit-usage, and you get incremental value each time you use one of our services.

  • If you do not already engage in our services, now you can.
  • If you do engage in our services, let us help you save.
  • If you love your provider, nominate them and let us recruit for you.

For Our Providers

Beyond Med is a competitive advantage that helps you acquire prospective patients. Let us help alleviate your costs of patient acquisition, so you can focus on what you do best – servicing your patients.

If your practice is at capacity, we help you anticipate and build a pipeline of new patients for the future, while always promoting an equitable value proposition for all.

For Our Employers and Businesses

We want to be partners in your employees’ well-being.  In a historically competitive labor market, Beyond Med offers employers a compelling added value to the employee offer that can ultimately impact your recruitment and retention. Ask about our in-house enrollment platform which requires no administration by your team, while still offering your employees something they want to use.

For Our Producers

Beyond Med is not only an opportunity for your clients, but an opportunity to help grow your own business.

We’re developing a new health model that will give you a competitive edge with new and existing clients. Through Beyond Med, employer groups can now receive reduced rates across elective and cosmetic services for the first time ever. We promote a hassle-free smooth implementation and commission-remittance based on annual membership, which is sent directly to you.

It takes minimal effort on your end.